Choose your option

Single Session

90 minutes

250 USD

Get familiar with my approach to energetic healing and reading. You will receive first insights, clear your energy and look at the situation from the root of it. Recommended as a first time session or as a way to maintain the results after our deeper work together.


Focused Work

3 x 60 minutes

580 USD

Suggested for you if you want to work with one topic of your choice. Understanding the situation, healing and working on it and after integrating.


Profound Work

7 x 60 minutes

1300 USD

We can work on clearing, healing and integrating 2 or 3 topics you choose, or this can be an in-depth work with one specific aspect of you and your life.


Liberating Work

12 x 60 minutes

2100 USD

It is a complete work that will allow you to recover, heal and transform yourself and your life on so many levels. Highly recommended for those who are serious about their wellbeing and want to reach stable and long lasting results.