Choose your option

Introduction Call 45 min.

45 minute Assessment

108 USD

Let’s connect and discover how I can assist your growth. In this 45-minute call we will identify the focus and main topics for our work together.


Focused Counseling

10 x 1-hour Sessions + 2 Energy Readings

1580 USD

This option is for those who want to try 1:1 counseling for the first time or if you want to work on a specific topic.


Healing Counseling

15 x 1-hour Sessions + 3 Energy Readings

2100 USD

This option is perfect for you if you are committed to go deep into inner work and experience profound shifts.


Profound Counseling

20 x 1-hour sessions + 4 Energy Readings

2700 USD

I recommend this option to everyone who feel the need to have an ongoing guidance, support and training to transform yourself and your life.